Dear Contributors and Readers,

Over the past few years, my interest in this wikia (and all wikias for a general matter) has greatly dwindled. As may be witnessed, I have not contributed for much more than a year. I have lost contact with my colleagues, namely Brown. However it is evident that they too have sought for greener pastures and have left this wikia for good. So I feel that it might be time to call it a day. Personally, I will be locking all the pages which were created by the administrative committee (AC) (Me, Brown, Manoranjak and Doomfensmirtz). Other pages will remain open. I will attempt to eliminate all media created by the AC as they have become redundant. Apart from that, our 'Featured' articles and site messages shall be removed. An administrator will not be available on this site henceforth the date of this message being written, and in case you do see and administrator online, please not that they will not answer your queries and would have come only to see how the wikia in which they once worked day and night is going along.

A big thank you to all contributors who published their interesting stories here and our readers who spared some of their precious time to read it.

Yours Sincerely,

The Founder

p.s. This message has taken effect from 28 September 2016.

Welcome to the Write Your Own Stories Wiki

Founder's Note

We are a collaborative site that features extensive headers,links,templates,colours and much more just for you to make your work much easier.We were created on March 5,2012 under the thought that "Hmm... Why is it that there should only be wikia's that have to feature one thing".So this thought made me think that we should not just have to add something related to that topic but to add something of your own.So with that idea coming up in our mind we decided that its time we should create our own wiki in which you could add anyhing and everything related to every topic you think of.So friends let us all strive to make Write Your Own Stories Wiki a large and very succesful wikia.This is my goal.


This wiki is about the about the beautiful stories written by you. (Movies,Chapters,Battles etc.).

We currently have 116 articles available and 74 pictures/images to be viewed. In total this site has 631 pages.

For a complete Table of Contents to this site, click here.

Did you know?

1)That the idea for this wiki had come from another wiki named Write your own story online wiki.

2)That the original name decided for this wiki was Parody on Different Shows Wiki.

3)That the original goal for this wiki was to make a parody out of real shows/characters.

4)That the new user in charge will declare that our wiki should have tabs.