The seven deadly sins is series about 7 people who have to harbor the spirits of the Seven Deadly Sins.


The sins Edit

Jade Sutton-Envy

Ira Hayes-Wrath

Joy McDaniels-Lust

Hank Young-Greed

Nolan Dezole-Pride

Brutus Markus-sloth

Maude Juli-Gluttony

Other info Edit

The seven deadly sins were harbored by the teens who the had the personality trait of their sin. Once they did not have the sin anymore they could not harbor it but that changed for the current teens(above) who are the permanent hosts until they die. They themselves were give a charm to help control their sin though it did not always work for the more powerful sins such as Envy and wrath. They have to come together to make sure the world stays in balance. Each one is able to control other peoples action and moods on the sin and they all can turn invisible. The sin it's self can talk to its host. Each one would talk and say different things. Envy and Wrath often fueled the anger of the person and were good on revenge while lust helped with dating advice and other things