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Two Line SummaryEdit

This episode focusses on Sanjalk.


It was a cold and chilly morning.Velina Martin Robins and Robert Martin Robins sat by the warm fire.Robert was smoking a pipe.Velina was pregnant and today was her surgery.Exactly at 10:30a.m.the cries of a baby echoed through the operation theatre.Velina and Robert had a baby!They named him Sanjalk for all his uncles:Sergei,Albert,Nerdman,Joe and his aunties Adyson,Linda,Katswell.Sanjalk grew up to be a good boy.Obeyed his mommy and daddy.But sadly one day there was a terrible fight between mommy and daddy and daddy divorced mommy.When Sanjalk was 4 years old a person named Pure BloodPudding Evil took over their city.