Tarboi's promotional image.

Tarboi is a tyranosaurus-rex,He was previously working for Pure BloodPudding Evil but now resides in Human-Abandoned Dinosaur Park.

Family Edit

Tarboi Tyrannosaurus is one of the last remaining pure dinosaurs.Most of the other dinosaur families, in some point or another, have mated with other species of dinosaurs and/ or mammals/ reptiles etc. However Tarboi's family has never committed such a 'crime' and all of Tarboi's living, deceased, indirect relatives/ ancestors are all Tyrannosaurs who in their families too have only tyrannosaurs.

Family Members Edit

  1. Semetra Tyrannosaurus-Mother
  2. George Tyrannosaurus-Father
  3. Arabella Tyrannosaurus-Grandmother
  4. Tejana Tyrannosaurus-Aunt