Taniprictus was a former ally of Pure BloodPudding Evil.He currently resides in Dinosaur park.He's is species is not confirmed.

Early Life Edit

Taniprictus was born to Terry and Tina.He was a mathematical genius.

Present LifeEdit

Taniprictus was somehow captured by Dr.Pure BloodPudding Evil along with Tarboi, Stegesaur and Deodrant.He was a genius by then.He along with the dinosaurs fought Pure BloodPudding Evil and then left him.

Personality Edit

He is not so strong but quite strong.He is a total genius in everything.

Family Members Edit

Terry Taniprictus(father)

Tina Taniprictus(mother)

Sister Taniprictus(sister)

Tony Taniprictus Asthor II(maternal grandfather)

Bella Brontosaurus(maternal grandmother)

Trivia Edit

  • As an interesting fact it may be noted that this dinosaur's name is not 'Taniprictus'. His surname is so. His name was revealed to be Trevor "Trev" Taniprictus.
  • Though Terry Taniprictus often pledges that his family is completely pure-blood and his son had blood of the finest Taniprictus families Taniprictus (paternal) and Taniprictus Asthor (maternal), Arabella Tyrannosaurus (paternal grandmother of Tarboi) maintains that Terry's side of the family is undoubtedly pure, the Taniprictus Asthor family "I have no doubt in saying that your noble son's filthy friend Taniprictus is of dubious not argue Semetra....I am not fooled by Tony's claims about his wife a partial Brontosaurus....she is a scum....of course I am not as young as I used to be, otherwise I would have done something....maybe by obliterating that scum and Tina and her offspring Trevor and Martha I would be able to save the family name of the Taniprictus Asthors".
  1. There were 16 pure-blood families of Taniprictus existing...
  2. 13 are has members belonging of other species like rats/lizards/roaches/stegosaurus etc.
  3. All 15 are branches of the main Taniprictus family (Trevor's)
  4. The surviving pure 2 are:
  5. Taniprictus
  6. Taniprictus Asthor

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