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Sujhata is the grandmother of Son.


Past Life

Sujhata's first hint of past life comes during the episode Exercise Will Not Help.It has been revealed that Ramniswami was the previous dynasty of noble people ruling part of Ambhavati named Valnki.It has been also revealed that Sujhata knows about Grandmommy Joany.In a Season 1 upcoming episode named "War of the Gunera's" it has ben told that Sujhata somewhat has a slight affection for Pure BloodPudding Evil as she stopped her own child from hitting him.In the same episode after betraying Pure BloodPudding Evil and joining the Good Protectors she was hit along with the rest of the organization itself and was soldier #19.Later during the end of the episode she was the one who hoisted the flag of the agency along with Mrs.Joanian.