Semetra Tyrannosaurus is the mother of Tarboi, wife of George, daughter-in-law of Arabella and sister-in-law of Tejana.


Semetra was born in a respectable pure tyrannosaurus family to Mary and Albert Tyrannosaurus Fentrort.


Unlike her parents, siblings and most of her in-laws, who were all pure-blood fanatics, Semetra was a complete opposite.She respected the different blood status of each dinosaur and treated them all with respect.In addition to this, she also was a faithful lover to George, a good mother to Tarboi and a dutiful daughter-in-law to Arabella. Her behavior shows that she is willing to do any sacrifice for her family.She also worries too much for her near and dear ones.She is also wise beyond her years.


Unlike her well-built and stocky family, she is frail and thin. Possibly because of worrying too much, she has aged much earlier than the correct time. Otherwise she looks similar to Tarboi.


  • 'Semetra' means 'Symmetry'. She was named so because of a prophecy which said that heart will be perfect. her mind will be perfect and she is destined for greatness.
  • Semetra almost got a heart attack when she realized that her only son went over to the Dark Side.Since then, even though her son has returned, she despises humans deep in her heart.