Sanquala is Abhi's mother.An important character.


Sanquala often misspelled Sanqula is Abhi's mother.Aged 31 she makes her debut in Mother's Convention.She has been given the title "Lady of the House".Working as a scientist she knows how to create a laser gun,computer etc.Receiving the Homecooker award in 2001 she is the wealtheist lady in Pedropoles.Having only one child Abhi she is overprotective of him.Having a soft side she is often on bad terms with her husband.Knowing Pure BloodPudding Evil as they were studying in college together and she hates hm and BloodPudding says that he will vow revenge on her for humilating him.Working with zeal and zesth her backgound comes in a tragic form.Her father was a soldier in the army of Pedropoles and died when she was barely one-and a half years old.Her mother died in childbirth.The youngest of a family of eight boys and three girls they were all brought up by her grandmother who died when she was six.Later while living with her aunt along with the rest of her siblings typhoid spread throughout the metropolis and killed all her siblings exept for her other two sisters Fiona and Laura.Later at the age of 20 her aunt and uncle died and she,Fiona and Laura took up jobs as teachers.Later she became a scientist and married a man of a wealthy household named Mario Ka Kasht Abhi Sanquala (who was that time called as Mario Ka Kasht.)Later during November 4th,2002 she gave birth to a child named Abhinanda Ka Kasht Mario Sanquala .Later during the year 2004 more tragic news struck her when she recieved news of the murder of Fiona.Later the events leading to the start of the series remained unknown but will gradually be discussed in upcoming future episodes.


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