"Sanjalk has guests,strange guests"
Season 1, Episode 4
Airdate: 2 December 2012
Villain(s) Featured: Pure BloodPuding Evil

Dr.Faisckobo Evil Sanjalk Clones

Writer(s): Brown009
Storyboard Artist(s): Brown009
Story by: Brown009
Oh,Come Home Abhi


The episode starts in a building raging on acidic fire.Normal fire teams were unable to do much so C.Korkwale the chief call Animatron.The Good Protectors are deployed on the mission.But Animatron feels that something is wrong,very wrong.Meanwhile Pure BloodPudding Evil is reading the daily newspaper of evil for any reports of mad scientists who can be his goons.He finds many names are listed but does'nt see anyone worthy until he reads the name Dr.Faisckobo Evil.He quickly goes to his lair summounes the Goonmaker.An ice-cream making machine with some alterations.Meanwhile at the scene of the fire the The Good Protectors are fighting,Animatron thinks that someone is mising.Then he finds out ist is Sanjalk Martin Robins .Turns out Sanjalk has guests.Pure BloodPuding Evil then arrives and scans them.Then he flies of to his lair.The Good Protectors return to their HQ and was themselves up.Animatron tries to call Sanjalk buts gets no response.He calls again and again but still gets no response.Angered he sents Shresht Kavi Gupta to Sanjalk's house to go and get him.Meanwhile at the doctor's lair he uses their scanned DNA to create a new set of them but robotic and evil.They quickly make the doctor their boss and he commands them to go and capture the real cousins so that he can scan them once more and create a new set of more evil robotic clones.They go and capture their real counterparts but accidentally capture Sanjalk's mom also.Eventually Sanjalk com to know about this and suits up and goes in a highly upgraded jetback.When he arrives there he is surprised to see that The Good Protectors are not there as they are the first to arive at such situations.Eventually he starts fighting the robotic clones.He quickly defeats them and frees his mom and she shockingly knows that her son is one of The Good Protectors.By then the Goonmaker activates and Dr.Faisckobo Evil arives with his mind totally hijacked by the Goonmaker.He,under the command of the doctor goes and starts attacking him.Enraged Sanjalk takes a huge pipe and throws it at him.Faisckobo Evil gets thrown back to the Goonmaker which explodes but Animatron save Faisckobo Evil.Then he is taken to the prison.Then Animatron forgives Sanjalk and asks why he could'nt call him through the wrist communicator.Sanjalk then tells him that during the upgrade down to his suit a few days ago a slight mistake disabled the communicator but he says he nabled the communicator again.Son takes a look at it and pressess a button the communicator glows and re-activates.The team wonders where Shresht is.Shresht soon returns with the plans for a robot-vehicle.Animatron says that the expense will be a lot but he'll try.The episode ends with Dr.Faisckobo Evil sitting in the prison when a plate of a little bit rice and curry comes.He yells "CURSE YOU GOOD PROTECTORS!"