• Since no one makes edits regularly here,I decided to as well give a spoiler for the Grand episode & Finale for Season 1...'Power,BloodPudding'.Which isn't expected to publish soon.Anyways:
  • 'They stared at him in horror,the doctor was surrounded by the positive energy of goodness.The Noble One's spirit was face-to face with him,with the computer and his agents cowering behind the spirit.In voice as deep as the mountain,she spoke."I have lived in this world since it began along with my brother.Everything has two sides-the positive and the negative.I lived with my brother in harmony,though as destiny had it,'good will always be more valued then evil,but evil will be the one that will eventually olbiterate good',however I believed that this prophecy was untrue So as much as I tried,I couldn't stop my brother.We eventually divided the world into half.However,the center of the world Xhaghna....

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