• There is some debate over the location of Pedropoles .Some people agree that it is a future version of Lakshwadeep Islands in India.While other's say that it is a group of islands near Australia.Sanquala is also seen having a photo of a map of Pedropoles.However nothing is said and the stage is also fan-fiction.So the location of Pedropoles remains a mystery.
  • It has been revealed that Mario Ka Kasht Abhi Sanquala is rarely at home and always out on bussines trips.
  • It is revealed that the Ka Kasht Family is a very wealthy family.
  • It has been revealed that Abhi has two grandfathers:
  1. Grandmommy Joany's previous husband-Thug

  2. Grandmommy Joany's current huband who is deceased-Alfred Ka Kasht

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