The notices page is where you can ask for admin,bureaucrat or chat moderator privileges.

Notice #1Edit

User:Pafton has founded Parody on Wiki.

Notice #2Edit

User:Manoranjak joins Parody on Wiki.

Notice #3Edit

User:ILuvthisguy joins Parody on Wiki.

Notice #4Edit

User:Brown009 joins Parody on Wiki

Notice #5Edit

User:Dholak joins Parody on Wiki

Notice #6Edit

User:Brandon Rhea joins and clears a bug that prevents admins from giving other users admin or b-crat privileges.

Notice #7Edit

User:Manoranjak asks for admin rights on this wiki.

Notice #8Edit

User:Doomfensmirtz joins this wiki.

Notice #9Edit

We Will Have A discussion.

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