Major Appearances

  • Agentic Problems
  • Animatron and Pure BloodPudding Evil
  • Two is Good,Three is Bad
  • Exercise Will Not Help
  • Mom Give Me a TOY!
  • It's About Time
  • Our New Hero,Zero for BloodPudding
  • If the Chemical Was Wrong.Then?
  • Pure BloodPudding Returns,This Time With....,With.....
  • War of the Gunera's
  • Captain Bombnercles and Pure BloodPudding Evil.What a Team!
  • Cool Gadgets Henry
  • Dr.Stumpfour Returns
  • Programming for a Launch.Against Who?
  • The Ancient Artifact
  • Power,BloodPudding

Other Appearances*

  • That Park........
  • The Mysteries of Room 35
  • The Book
  • Why Do the Bad Guys Get the Good Stuff
  • Homeless..........Maybe Not?

Season 2

*When a character is either mentioned,has a cameo,or is seen but does not speak.