This is a series about a family who live in an ordinary house, on an ordinary street, in an ordinary county, in an ordinary city, in an ordinary country, on an ordinary planet, in an ordinary solar system, in an ordinary universe. But the residents in the house are anything but ordinary.

Family MembersEdit

Steve- The dad with a low IQ and a job cleaning loos at Mayway Airport.

Mandy- The clever mum with red hair and a job at Mayway Hospital.

Shelia- The sassy teenager studying at Mayway University.

Mark- The eldest son with crazy inventions up his sleeve.

Tom- The youngest who tells fourtunes and time travels.

Randy- The half cat, half dog who is a butler and chief.

Season 1Edit

Title. Guest Characters. Summary.
A New Beginning. Granny, Grandad. With Steve getting a new job, the family moving into a new house and Shelia getting in at Mayway University, things are finally looking up but when the TV breaks down, will everyone loose their sanity?
Mark And The Fat. Doctor Bong, Miss.Harbershire, Tony. Mark decides to quit inventing so he creates a new diet tablet. He gets over one thousand customers once Mandy accidentally ships the first box to the pharmacey. But when it shows to do the opposite of making people thin, he has to return to inventing to sort it out.