Evil Mayhem Programming Station(E.M.P.S.)
The headquarters of E.M.P.S.
Organization Information
Pure BloodPudding Evil
Pure BloodPudding Evil
Type of Organization:
Evil organization
E.M.P.S. HQ,Pedropoles
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Two Is Good,Three Is Bad

The Evil Mayhem Programming Station is the agency run by Pure BloodPudding Evil.The aim of the agency is to destroy the Good Protectors and establish self rule over Pedropoles.It may even be dedicated to conquer the world.

Known AgentsEdit

  • Pure BloodPudding Evil-founder,leader
  • Sir.Francisco-agent
  • Roy-agent
  • Oggtry-agent
  • Slasher-spy
  • Steeeeveee-scientist
  • Henry-assistant manager
  • Volto-field agent
  • E'Funia-secretary
  • Ms.Mumbrow-agent
  • Captain Bombnercles-agent(only in Captain Bombnercles and BloodPudding.What a Team!)

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