Animatron's folder image.

Animatron is the boss of The Good Protectors.A computer.

Early LifeEdit

Animatron was created by Ltd.Comp Makers Coporated.He was treated very cruelly.He somehow escaped.

Present LifeEdit

Animatron is the boss of The Good Protectors.He has the goal to defeat Pure BloodPudding Evil.He just gives orders to his team through various locations.And ensures that they are always carried out.


As being a computer Animatron has only one goal:to defeat Pure BloodPudding Evil.He has no emotions.Very tough-hearted.He truly wishes his mom and dad were there.He also deep inside his heart cares a lot about everyone including Pure BloodPudding Evil.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has a dark grey screen including a dark grey mouth and nose.He has the 'angry expression' on his face.He also has brow eyeballs.


  • He was orginally going to be called Wendy Stinglehopper.