"Agentic Problems"
Season 1, Episode 5
Airdate: 2 December 2012
Oh,Come Home Abhi
Animatron and Pure BloodPudding Evil

 Agentic Problems 

Season 1,Episode 5-Agentic Problems


The episode begins with Shresht giving lessons to the Two-Man fight team when the platform he was standing on suddenly slides open and he falls down through a tube while muttering that his lessons were interrupted.The scene shifts to Sony who is being troubled by his grandmother.For a split second when his grandmother looks to see a butterfly on the window Sony's bed opens up as he slides through a slimy tube through the dark ground and says that he will fully thank the person who takes him away from his grandmother.The scene shifts to Abhi who is doing his homework with no interest.The drawer suddenly shoots open and he is sucked in.The scene shifts to Roger who is busy making ends meet after he was given a scolding from his college proffesor when he is suddenly zapped into thin air.The camera shifts to Sanjalk who is busy helping out his mother when he is pulled into a hollow tree from which he slides down a long tube.The scene shifts to JhaJi who is hanging out with her friends when suddenly she gets a call and when she recieves it she is sucked in through the mobile screen.The scene shifts to Zizamotofifafa and Zizama who are busy with a game of chess when their carpet opens up and they fall into the ground.The scene shifts to Heinz  who is  busy writing a story for a magazine when he is sucked in through the A/C and then the scene shifts to Luis who is strolling in the garden when a venus flytrap plant sucks him in.The scene changes to The Good Protectors building where all the agents are there looking surprised at how Animatron used his creativity and managed to bring them to the lair.The door suddenly slides open as Animatron enters and apologizes to the agents.Zizama remarks that Animatron can only use such methods in times of danger as everyone nods in agreement.Animatron smiles and introduces them to their new agent,Sir.Commander.Everyone greets him and then Animatron gives them orders to stop Pure BloodPudding Evil's new plan to disintegrate every life form.As the agents arrive at BloodPudding's lair they see it is empty.Heinz quickly scans the files and discovers that they are all in E.M.P.S..When they arrive there BloodPudding gets a bad shock and aims his disintegration ray at them.The all of a sudden everyone rushes to stop his ray and a huge fight ensues between the Good Protectors while the whole of E.M.P.S. watches with glee and delight.BloodPudding gets ready to finish