Hi:-) New settings for Project N.E.M.E.S.I.S!

So Forte Caprius 'The Adamant' Dazzles, who's once the certain Star-Swirl The Bearded only apprentice and now a servent to an evil entity that'd once trapped in the Crystal Sarcophagus. But at the certain sight of Professor Pericles's moment of triumph, The Mystery Inc thought they'd destroyed him, but to his apprentice Caprius, who's apparently now a certain father to the girl band the Dazzling's father, to his head, he and his old mentor not really dead in the time stream and apparently the stream is now heading toward to Equestria.

 Ever since the apparent ISIS Attack struck back on Paris last week, It'll be a good idea to accept to this as an idea to dedicated to the ones that lost during this reckoning back in paris.